Yacht Repairs and Refits

We have carpenters, electricians, mechanics, welders, sailmakers and fiberglass-, gelcoat-, varnish- and upholstery specialists working for us and 15 years of experience in getting the work done on a quite laid back tropical island. A vast network of yacht suppliers is just an E-mail away. Yacht spares sent for "Yachts in Transit" are generally duty-free but require professional brokerage at a set fee per shipment (typically around 80 USD).No job is too big or too small for us, however we prefer to schedule extensive yacht refits for the traditionally "slower" summer months.Labour rates per billed hours are 45 USD for qualified specialists, 35 USD for a diesel mechanic, 25 USD for technical staff and 15 USD for cleaners / helpers. Contracted outside labour is billed with a 10% surcharge.